This is a step by step guide on how our investment system works and how to make the best use of it for maximum profit.

Deep Dream Technology's scope of business operations are categorised into two business sections “INVESTMENT” and “SERVICES”

This article will only explain how the INVESTMENT system works.

Simply put, the investment system is designed to allow its users invest a defined amount of money by simply purchasing “investment Packages, which after a defined period of time (days) yields a certain amount of dividends (interest, bonuses and other incentives) for the investor depending on the type of account chosen by the user or investor.

  Account types, Packages, Interest Growth and withdrawals.

There are 4 classes of Investment accounts associated with our Investment system. Each account has its own set of rules that guides it and protects the investor’s and company’s interest. The four account types are:


1.     Basic Account, 2. Stem Account, 3. Premium Exclusive Account and 4. Exclusive Account

·         BASIC ACCOUNT (B.A) -  Users of this account are allowed to purchase 2 packages at any cost within the range of  N 27,000.00 - N 54,000.00  with 15% (Fifteen percent)  interest growth after 45 days (Forty Five days)  including Saturdays and Sundays, And 20%(Twenty  percent) interest growth after  60(Sixty) days. The 60 days investment period had an additional  7% (Seven percent) bonus interest.


·         STEM ACCOUNT (S.A) - Users of this account can purchase 2 packages from N55,000.00 – N110,000.00 on with 20% (Twenty Five percent) interest rate at the end of every 45 days (Forty Five) which includes Saturdays and Sundays, And 25% (Twenty Five Percent) interest rate at the end of 60(Sixty) days. The 60 days investment period also has an additional  +7%(Seven Percent) Bonus Interest.


·         PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE ACCOUNT (P.E.A) – This account has a minimum of 2 purchase packages and you can buy up to 4 packages at the cost of N100.000.00 – N200,000.00 with  30% (Thirty percent) interest rate after 90 days ( Ninety days) including Saturdays and Sundays. P. E.A an additional 7% bonus interest on investment from  N150.000.00 – N200,000.00 only if the initial purchased capital plus(+) interest is not withdrawn  after 90 days. (Auto re-invest option available and optional)


·   EXCLUSIVE ACCOUNT (E.A) users of this account can  only purchase 1 package at the value of N250,000.00 with 35% (Thirty  FivePercent) interest rate at the end of 90days (Ninety) days only. P.E.A has a 7% additional bonus interest attached. (Auto re-invest option available and optional)


Investors can only make withdrawals from B.A, S.A, and P.E.A  after  45, 60, 90, and 90 days  (Forty Five, Sixty, Ninety and Ninety days) respectively, which will include Saturdays and Sundays. Requests for withdrawal will be processed within 24hours. However, in a situation of delayed delivery after payment has been made due to network downtime, resolution of such problem will be carried out within 48 working hours, excluding weekends and Nigerian holidays.


Exclusive Account (E.A) account holders can only make withdrawal of Interest, purchase capital and bonuses after the 62 (Sixty Two) days or can choose to withdraw only Interests and Bonuses while re-invest the Capital.


The system is designed to accommodate only 200 investors per cycle for the 4 classes of investment account types. i.e. each class of account has an open investment windows for 50 people per cycle of 45, 60 and 90 days depending on the type of account selected by the investor.


What this means is that, once the system for each account type registers a total of 50 active investments, it automatically closes that account making it impossible for new investments to be registered till an investor either withdraws interest without re-investing or a cycle closes, then the system will automatically reopen itself to accept new investments equivalent to number of available spaces before closing itself again.


So once a registered customer misses an opportunity to invest while the investment window is open, such a customer will have to wait until another investment window opens.


But if an active investor decides to keep reinvesting by withdrawing only his or her interest, bonuses and incentives, then it becomes very difficult for new registered users to invest. 


So the best way to ensure that you always have the opportunity to have your investment running is to withdraw only your benefits and re-invest your capital or upgrade your account at the end of a cycle. This is because, the moment you click on withdraw all, the system automatically reallocate your space for anybody ready to invest and you may never have another chance to invest till another investment window opens.


To Have an Active Running Investments, You must follow these Steps Below: