How does Investment work?

The investment section of our service is very simple. First you have to sign up and create your personalized investment account. Then select an investment package, make payment for the package, upload proof of payment before the count-down time elapses, a member of our support team will verify your payment using the payment proof you uploaded, once your payment is verified, your package investment is then confirmed, the timer on your account is stopped and your interest will start growing. At the end of the investment cycle which is either 35, 52, 56 or 62 days period, you can then withdraw either your accrued interest, bonuses while reinvesting your capital or withdraw your interest, bonuses and capital.

Is same as Deep Dream Technology?

A. Yes they are the same, the first being the abbreviation of the second.

Who is Deep Dream Technology?

Deep Dream Technology is a multi-disciplinary tech company that provides internet-based businesses, services and other solutions for its Clients with a mission to provide the greatest value in return on investments and the best quality of service. More info is available on the "About us" page.

What happens if Deep-Dream support team is unable to verify my payment?

If we are unable to verify your payment using your payment proof upload and the tools at our disposal, our support team will reject your investment request and the timer in your portal will continue counting down pending when you upload another payment proof. After this second upload, If a support officer is unable to verify your payment, your investment account will be disabled for 60 days.

What happens when the timer counts down to 00:00:00 before I upload my payment proof?

Your investment account will automatically be disabled pending when there is an investment slot again. And if no slot open for investment, your account will remain disabled. If you have made payment before this time, Please kindly send an email to our support and you will be refunded in full after we have verified that you did make the payment.

How can I join?

A. Joining is easy! go to and register using an existing email address. An authentication email will be sent to your personal email address. Confirm your email address to activate your account.

How do I invest?

select an investment package according to your budget and click on "select" button. You will be directed to another page were you can select the number of packages you want to buy, upon submitting your request, a payment reciept is generated for your package(s). Print or screenshot the receipt and use the information there to make your payment. You have to make payment for the package(s) and upload payment proof before the timer runs out or forfeit this slot to another customer.

What happens after I make payment and upload payment proof?

Upon confirmation of payment and payment proof, Your timer stops counting pending approval from ddr-tech admin after which you'll receive a Confirmation email which acknowledges receipt of your investment, your waiting period and the end date of your investment.

Can I terminate my investment after making payment before the end of my maturation period?

Yes. You can terminate your investment and request a refund before the end of your investment period but this is subject to a deduction of N3,000.00 processing fee.

How long do I have to wait to receive return on my investment?

Depending on the packages, different packages have different waiting periods. For Basic Account, You wait 35 days for 15% interest without bonus and 52 days for 20% interest with 7% additional bonus making a total of 27% interest of your investment. For STEM Account, You wait 35 days for 20% interest without bonus and 52 days for 25% interest with 7% additional bonus making a total of 32% interest of your investment. For Premium Exclusive, You wait 56 days for 30% interest and 7% bonus after 56 days making a total of 37% interest For Exclusive, You wait 62 days for 35% interest and 7% bonus making a total of 42% interest of your investment after 62 days.

Where can I make payment for packages?

Payment for the packages can either be made online or via bank payment in to the following account: Account NAme: Deep Dream Technology Bank Name: Zenith Bank Account Number: 1015642807

Can I pay in installments?

No. Installmental payments are not allowed at this time.

Can I buy package if i'm below 18 years old?

No. You have to be 20 years and above to invest in our packages.

Can I buy more than one package?

Yes. You can buy a maximum of 4 Packages depending on the type of your investment account.

How does ddr-tech generate revenue from my investment?

The system through which we generate revenue is quite simple, but due to poor patent law in Nigeria presently, we have decided to keep our revenue generating system confidential for a period of time. This is to enable us the pioneers of the idea to engineer it to perfection, enjoy the benefits of our years of hard work and brainstorming, recover our financial investment in the idea and to have a better control of the market when we make it public.

Can I have more than one account?

No. Having multiple accounts isn't permitted and will lead to the deletion of your account once our system detects a multiple account.

After receiving payout, Can I reinvest?

Yes. You can choose to reinvest your capital only as many times as you like. In fact, we encourage you to keep reinvesting because you may never get another chance of investing in our system if you make a full withdrawal due to re-allocation of your slot. Our system is designed to accommodate only 200 investors per our calendar cycle. So once you are out another person takes that slot, you may never get another chance to buy our investment packages till we expand our investment database to accommodate as much investors as possible.

Can I access the site on my mobile.

The site is designed to work on all browsers on all platforms. We however advise updating your browser for best performance.

In the case of any issues, Who can I contact?

You may use the contact us page/link to send a message to admin or send an email to our support team or call our customer support number. Also, stay updated by connecting with us on our social media platforms for updates. Links can be found at the bottom of the page.

Can I roll over my returns and investment?

No. You can only roll over your initial capital only. Your return(s) must be withdrawn.