The belief that all income will come from one source is no longer holding due to the challenging economic situation in recent times. The need to have a “SIDE HUSTLE” is as important as the monthly income. That is why DeepDreem has come up with this better alternative to help you invest that little income and allow it to generate more interest for you. Our Stem account is quite a suitable way to start investing your money. Choosing our Stem Account, we encourage you and create the enabling environment for you to grow your little savings. In DeepDream, your money works for you and we understand the need for a “second hustle.”

    20% Interest ( After 45 Days)
    25% Interest ( After 60 Days) + 7% Bonus Interest
    2 Packages
    ₦ 55,000 Min. Investment
    ₦ 110,000 Max. Investment
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Stem Account features explained:

  • No Interest ( Before 45 Day):Simply means that any investments that is not up to 45 days will not have any interest. i.e. If Mr. X invested today and decides to withdraw his investment on the 44th day after his investment, Mr. A will be able to withdraw his N55,000.00 (Capital) but will not be paid any interest.

  • 15% Interest (After 45 Days) + 0% Bonus Interest: This means that if Mr. X invested N55,000.00 today and leaves his investment for minimum period of 45 days before requesting for withdrawal, Mr. X will get 15% interest with 0% bonus interest (no bonus). Which means that Mr. X can from the 45th day withdraw his N55,000.00 + 20% interest only.

  • 25% Interest (After 60 Days) + 7% Bonus Interest: If Mr. X invested N55,000.00 today and comes back on the 60th day or after the 60th to withdraw his investment, then Mr. X’s investment will have grown by 23% interest + 7% bonus interest making a total of 32% withdrawable interest together with the capital. i.e. from the 60th day onwards, Mr. X can withdraw his (N55,000.00 + 30% interest). Let’s say Mr. X couldn’t wait for 60 days before making withdrawal, and decides to withdraw his investment on the 59th day, Mr X can only withdraw his N55,000.00 + 20% interest only.

  • 2 Packages: We measure the value of the services rendered to you our investors by trading with your money in Packages. So, you can say that a DeepDream package is the value of your investment with DeepDream Technology.

  • N55,000 Min. Investment: he cost of one DeepDream investment package is N55,000 which transforms to the N55,000 minimum investment which = 1 package. (1 package in Stem Account = N55,000.00).

  • N110,000 Max. Investment: For Stem Account, the maximum investable amount is N110,000, which is the equivalent of 2 packages. (i.e. 2 packages in Stem Account = N110,000.00)

  • Slot: Here slot means the number of available space for investment which is capped at 50 investors per investment account. i.e. once a total number of 50 people have invested under Stem Account, our system stops accepting further investments (it is automatic) pending when investment space is available which means that you have to wait 45 or 60 days unless any user cashes out prematurely.